Burn Bans Threaten Fourth of July Fireworks

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Fire Department announced it won't issue any more burn permits until the weather cools down.  Due to this, the department said there is a possibility the Fourth of July Fire in the Sky fireworks show could be cancelled if the dry weather continues and if winds are high that day.

Columbia Fire Marshall Steven Sapp said humidity and rainfall just plummeted and in order for burning to become safe, Columbia must get a significant rainfall.

Columbia Parks and Recreation also warns due to the extrmely dry conditions it will be strictly enforcing fireworks within city parks.  Both shooting off and possesing the fireworks will not be allowed.

"Burning is usually only allowed when we have a permit issued and we look at various things like where the burning is going to take place and the proximity to buildings," Sapp said. "In these weather conditions, it's just prudent for public safety not to allow open burning."

The following places in Missouri issued a burn ban:

Phelps County (Rolla)

"Open burning can consist of a couple different things," Sapp said. "One, it's open above ground, burned in small piles. We also issue permits for what's known as a pit burn, where a large pit is dug and materials to be burned are put in that pit."

For updated information on Columbia's burning ban, click here.