Bus Shelter Proposals Put to Vote

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COLUMBIA - Pednet coalition held an open house on Wednesday afternoon to display the new bus shelter options. 

There are seven different designs, each submitted by University of Missouri Architectural Studies student groups in partnership with COMO Connect, COMET, Pednet, and the city of Columbia's Office of Sustainability and Office of Cultural Affairs.

Each project focuses on common factors like expandability, interchangeability, and increased bike storage but each design is also uniquely different. COMET Campaign Coordinator Lisa Goldschmidt said that they have received some great feedback on the project. 

"People are really excited that this is a project that students have designed, we have gotten a lot of positive comments that were using local talent, and people really appreciate that. So it makes it feel more like a community project that were getting so many different groups involved in this design process."

Goldschmidt said the new shelters would supplement the current ones in order to accommodate for the new COMO Connect routes, which launch on August 4th. The new system is designed to increase bus route efficiency around Columbia. 

"The new system is going to switch to a network model and that means we will have more coverage across the city, we'll have routes that cover more areas that haven't seen converge before, and along with that, all of the transfer will occur along the routes. It's really going to shorten the time people spend on the bus and waiting for the bus," said Goldschmidt. 

Stephen Williams, designer of one of the models, said him and his team took in plenty of factors to make sure their project was great for the City of Columbia. 

"When the city gave us students the project of designing new bus shelters, our group decided to focus on cost and sustainability. We wanted to design a shelter that wouldn't cost the city a lot of money, but would also be in for the long haul." 

Voting will continue until June 30th, when a few winners will be selected from both the public vote and a professional jury.