Bus Tour Protesting Benefit Cuts Stops in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A bus full of veterans and seniors stopped at the Grass Roots Organizing office on its way from Kansas City to St. Louis to rally against an initiative that they claim cuts social benefits. The initiative is called "Comeback America" and is funded by billionaire Peter Peterson. According to the protesters, the initiative's goal is to cuts veterans' benefits, Medicare, and social security. 

"This is a very rich country. We can take care of Social Security and Medicare," Dave Kingsley, one of the groups leaders, said.

The bus stopped for a short rally, picked up about 12 more protesters, then got back on the road. Kingsley said the protesters are going to a Comeback America event in St. Louis to make their voices heard. 

"It means a lot, when their Social Security is cut or their Medicare is cut or their children's social security, or their children's Medicare," Kingsley said, "We are talking about our grandkids, our children. What the politicians are saying today is, 'we're not going to cut it for you older people, we're only going to cut it for people under 55.' We find that to be reprehensible."

The Comeback America Initiative Spokesperson Bill Beaman said the goal of the initiative is not to get rid of Social Security, but an attempt at a civil conversation.

"The Comeback Initiative is non-partisan," Beaman said, "[We are] wanting to have a conversation about possible solutions with voters."

Beaman said the initiative aims to encourage voters to acknowledge the fact that "unfunded obligations" are unsustainable. The Comeback America event in St. Louis is one of the stops on its "Ten Million a Minute" Tour.