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COLUMBIA - As the spring semester draws near for students at Columbia universities, some businesses are looking forward to an increase in profits. Campus Bar and Grill on 9th Street has seen a fairly regular amount of customers, but less than what the restaurant has during a university semester. According to Manager Matt Hudson, business drops dramatically the week after students are released for break leading up until Christmas, but after the new year begins, business "steadily builds as students return."

Britches on broadway sees dramatic decreases in business over break because according to employees, the main clientelle is made up of college students. The store has been slow over the course of the break, but expect business to increase starting around the 15th. Another downtown clothing store, Swank has seen some decreases in business, but has kept busy around holidays with christmas gift purchases as well as customers looking for new new year's outfits.

Employees from Main Squeeze on 9th Street say that about 50 percent of their customer base is students and they do see a decrease after universities dismiss for winter break.

"Usually we get students during the day and we haven't got any of that at all." said employee Rebecca  Preston.

Columbia College resumes on Jan. 14, University of Missouri and Stephens College all resume on Jan. 22.