Business Incubator Will Foster New Start-Ups

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COLUMBIA - The new "Downtown Business Incubator" will offer a place for start-ups to get their footing in Columbia. The office space on Walnut Street officially opens Tuesday at 4 p.m. Interested parties can apply for space in the office, which is a few yards away from REDI, one of the sponsors.

A spot in the incubator provides wireless internet, mentors, a spot in the business community, and 24-hour access to the office for $150 per month. The main sponsor, the League of Innovators, has the application on it's website. The application asks for the business model, business goals and how the business will benefit from being in Columbia.

The League of Innovators is a membership group for the business and intellectual community to find support. It's website says it will offer mentors through it's group members to the start-ups, along with networking and funding opportunities.

This is all apart of the effort to keep local talent in Columbia and bring business. Other sponsors include the University of Missouri and the Columbia Chamber of Commerce.