Business is Booming for Local Firework Stands

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BOONE COUNTY - With dry weather, burn bans, and show cancellations, finding a spot to watch fireworks this year is a little tough.

Not to mention that the Fourth of July lands on a Wednesday, making it harder for people to travel to see firework displays.

But for some, the only place they need to go is in their back yard.  Bob Gerau, owner of Bob's Fireworks, said this has had a booming effect on sales.

"They have the tendency to spend a little more money on fireworks rather than spending money going on a long trip down to the lake or someplace. People just stay home, spend a few bucks on fireworks and have a good time", he said.

Kingdom City, the Freeburg Lions Club, and the Holts Summit firework shows have all been cancelled while Boonville, Lost Valley, and California have postponed its fireworks' shows due to the extreme heat in the area. As of now, Columbia and Jefferson City displays are still on.