Business Loop 70 attracts education institutions

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COLUMBIA - Colleges and universities are viewing the Business Loop 70 as an area "easily accessible" for students.

Higher education institutions are making the Business Loop and the Parkade Center home for their Columbia campuses.

Moberly Area Community College, Central Methodist University and William Woods University are housed in Parkade Canter.

The Mizzou North campus is also located on the business loop.

William Woods University opened their space in January, and CMU partnered with MACC to offer more degree programs for its students.

MACC spokesperson Laura Mertens said the college has been in the Parkade Center since 2010.

"Parkade is a location a lot of people know about, it's been around a long time, people know the Parkade Center when people say it, and we've sort of brought back life to the Parkade Center," Mertens said.

She said the location improves the lives of students and provides a lot of resources to them. 

"The accessibility is nice," Mertens said. "Our student body are commuter students and so we have a lot of parking. They can just come and park wherever they need to and come to class. There's not a lot of barriers walking around campus trying to find the right building, those kinds of things."

Jada Mozee is a student and said she likes having class in the Parkade Center because it's only a 15-minute commute, but says she doesn't have time to get to the restaurants on the Business Loop.

"I wish they had a cafeteria in here, something quicker," Mozee said. "Sometimes you don't have a lot of time. Some of my classes I only have five minutes in between each other So I have no time to get anything to eat."

A Business Loop 70 business owner said he thinks more students in the area is a positive thing for businesses and would welcome more schools to the business loop.