Business Loop 70 CID is accepting board member applications

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COLUMBIA - The Business Loop 70 Community Improvement District, or CID, has applications open for residents, business owners or registered voters to become one of seven CID Board Members. 

The CID Executive Director, Carrie Gartner, said the application will be open until 5 p.m. on March 1. From there, the current board members will put together a slate of potential members and present it to the Columbia City Council. The council can then decide whether or not to approve the slate.

If it is approved, the applicants will begin a three year term with the CID. If the council does not approve the slate, the CID will re-adjust the slate and re-present it.

Gartner said there are currently three board member openings and only a couple applications in as of Friday. 

"The most exciting thing that has happened so far is that we have had a lot of people asking about it," she said. "To the point where, we think, even if there's not enough space of the board for everyone, it actually gives us some good volunteer strength to form some committees."

Those committees could possibly handle the Business Loop's economic development, infrastructure or marketing and would be chosen based on applicants' expertise or interests.

Gartner also mentioned what is next for the Loop after the passing of the Business Loop 70 sales tax.

She said the CID had a broad list of things that needed improvement on the Loop. When the City Council approved that list, the board members could start working on making the Loop more accessible and beautiful.

"We've got a couple of things that we are jumping on right now," Gartner said. "MODot is replacing three bridges on I-70. So they are doing extra landscaping. We are working on bike and pedestrian safety, how to cross I-70 if you are on foot, for instance."

Current CID board member Dave Griggs could not be contacted on Friday, but when asked about the improvements to the CID in past interviews he said the long term goal is to hire a consultant to look at the Business Loop and further improvements. 

The CID meets at 8 a.m. the third Thursday of every month to discuss current and future improvement plans to the Business Loop.