Business Loses Everything

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ST. LOUIS - In 60 seconds, a business that had been around for more than 30 years lost everything. The EF-4 tornado swept through Bridgeton at 170 miles per hour, uprooting trees, crushing homes, and destroying nearly everything in its path.

For The Hubcap and Wheel Store owners Casey and Terri Pearson, what had taken nearly a lifetime to build, was destroyed and left them with nothing but memories of what used to be. 

"The ground was shaking and we went to the doorway and I looked out and it was instantly pitch black," Pearson said. The wind was blowing stuff up, debris against the window."

Despite losing nearly everything, they're counting their blessings that their most important possession, 3-year-old daughter Ruby, survived the storm unharmed.  As for their business, the long and grueling rebuilding process is just starting. 

My daughter's alive and that's my girl. She's devastated, she'll have to go do a little counseling I think but you know she's still here and that's what counts," Terri Pearson Said.  "If you got kids go home and hug them cause dear God mine sleeps with me every night, she will for the rest of her life."

The next step is finding out how much money the insurance company will offer to help repair the damages.