Business owners and local homeowners prepare for possible flooding

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COLUMBIA - Community members who live and work in areas that easily flood are preparing for possible heavy rainfall this weekend. 

"It's just a waiting game," said Kory Neisen, general manager at Midway Golf & Games.

The facility backs up to Perche Creek, which easily floods when the Missouri River can't empty into it. 

"Depending on how much rain we've got, sometimes it will flood a dozen times," Neisen said. "But last year I don't think it flooded once." 

Mid-Missouri is under a flash flood watch until 7:00 a.m. on Sunday. 

Residents who live by roads that are closed when it floods said they try to find alternative ways into town when it rains.

One homeowner on Gillespie Bridge Road told KOMU 8 News the Perche Creek often backs up and floods his field. 

Road-closing barriers are sitting by the flood warning road signs in preparation for the heavy rains this weekend. 

Neisen said the rain doesn't stop golfers from hitting the driving range. 

"We keep the driving range open. We let them hit their balls out into essentially a big pond," he said. 

The flood waters don't damage any of the buildings at Midway Golf & Games. Neisen said the only difficulty the staff has is retrieving the golf balls out of the flooded driving range. 

"We can’t get our tractor and our machinery out there, so we just get a team of guys to go out there and pick them up by hand," he said. 

Neisen said there isn't much he can do besides hope it doesn't rain as much as is forecasted. 

"We will keep our fingers crossed and be prepared to deal with whatever hand Mother Nature throws at us," he said.