Business Owners Still Cleaning Up After A Tornado

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SEDALIA - As FEMA assessed businesses and homes on Tuesday some business owners were scrambling to provide ballpark estimates for costs from the tornado last week.

Many businesses were damaged along Limit Avenue along with homes from the Elm Hills mobile home park. Two businesses that were affected were Katy Motors and Signs Work.

Billy Keele owner of Signs Work said the majority of his inventory is covered by insurance but he was very upset with the little time FEMA representatives surveyed his business. The business had its front windows blown out and inventory ranging from signs to golf carts thrown about the property. After many days of long cleaning up Keele said "I just wanna be open for business."

Another business along the strip is ready to be back in business too. Katy Motors is recovering from losing 137 vehicles totaling near four-hundred thousand dollars as well as having a body shop and shed leveled. Currently the car dealership is not selling any damaged vehicles, but in a few weeks they might have a car auction.

For now while the Lahmeyer brothers wait for insurance and FEMA to assess the damages they are hoping to bounce back by buying new cars to place on their lot.

Despite the mess each business is trying it's hardest to stay open.