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COLUMBIA – Local female business owners will come together to spread their knowledge and support of their industries.

KOPN is hosting its first “CoMo Women Mean Business” event Tuesday. The event is part of a series that wants more networking opportunities to Columbia.

Cory Crosby, who formerly worked for KOPN, created “Business and Social Hours," or B.A.S.H in 2018 to promote entrepreneurship in the Columbia community. Tuesday’s event is dedicated to women in the community. Crosby came up with the idea after peers let him know being a businesswoman isn't easy. 

“[They] talked about how intimidating it could be for a woman to be in a setting where it’s mostly men and a lot of times being the only one, or one of very few,” he said.

This is something Sarah Cyr, co-owner of The Wine Cellar and Bistro, remembers when she and her ex-husband first opened their restaurant in 2003.

“When I first started, there really wasn’t women doing what I do,” Cyr said. “You kind of just of have to prove yourself, which is a bummer sometimes as a woman that you have to start off by proving your qualifications before you go give value to the world.”

Tuesday’s event will host veterans and beginner businesswomen to Columbia’s scene. Each business will be able to have tables to sell items or promote their services. The chance to be at an event like this is one Brittany Gross appreciates.

“I think it’s a really big deal,” Gross said. “This is my first time being a vendor at any of these types of events.”

Gross’ brand “S.H.E.” stemmed from her daughter being bullied. She said since starting her brand, the biggest thing has been getting people to understand and support the concept.

"CoMo Women Mean Business" will be held at the Columbia Mall from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., and will feature women from The Wine Cellar and Bistro, Fast Signs and more.