Businesses benefit from cold weather

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COLUMBIA - For some businesses, winter weather brings a new type of precipitation. James Magley, an employee for Voss Land & Tree, said snow means money.

“It’s money falling out of the sky as soon as it starts snowing,” he said.

Voss Land & Tree offers different landscaping and maintenance services throughout the year. During the winter, this small business plows snow and treats roads in icy conditions.

“We have a grass mowing crew, landscaping crew, and we do fertilizations three times a year,” he said.

Companies similar to Voss Land & Tree make sure business and home owners follow the City of Columbia Code of Ordinances 24-12, which places the responsibility of clearing sidewalks on residents. This is a service that doesn’t go unnoticed, assistant manager of Glik's, Lauren Curcio, said. Even though traffic in their store is down, the lack of snow out front makes the store approachable.  

“Usually we have a company that comes and plows for us and salts for us but we do have a canopy that keeps it pretty clear,” Curcio said.

She said she’s never really seen them, but it’s usually clear by the time she comes to work.

With the upcoming weather conditions, Magley said him and his small crew are excited for the long hours.

“When we see snow we all get happy because it’s fast money,” he said. “We are little but we have a lot of business to take care of.”