Businesses compare preparation for Royals v. Cardinal games

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COLUMBIA - Business managers say they know how to prepare for big games involving the St. Louis Cardinals but are unsure what preparation should like for Kansas City Royals games, as the World Series kicks off Tuesday. 

One business owner said during the regular season he was able to anticipate when he would have the big crowds based off the Cardinals' schedule. 

iTap Manager Jon Whitaker said, "You know with the Cardinals it's going to be busy, but with the Royals you're not quite as sure."

Whitaker said before a big game he increases staffing levels and double-checks inventory. This week, he is doing just that in preparation for the World Series. In previous years Whitaker said he knew what needs to address for the crowds, and what they would look like because of the Cardinals successful past. 

Whitaker said, "Most of the people in town here don't even remember the last time the Royals were in the playoffs so theres really nothing to gage from."

Whitaker, like other local business managers, said any big game is a good opportunity for business so he'll prepare to the best of his ability.