Businesses Open, Close for Labor Day

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COLUMBIA - It is no surprise most local businesses, organizations and city-run programs are closed Monday because of Labor Day, but places like aquatic centers, large retail stores and special events will remain open. This year's Labor Day marks the U.S. Department of Labor's 100th Labor Day.

Although kids aren't in school, the city won't collect trash, the postal service won't deliver mail, some businesses - like your local news stations - remain "open."

The Albert-Oakland Family Aquatic Center and other swimming pools in Columbia opened for the last time of the 2013 season Monday and won't be open again until next year.

Large retail centers, like Walmart and Home Depot, offered online and in-store specials on selected items.

If money wasn't something a person wanted to spend this holiday, there are free events with live music and games, like the Folk Festival at Boone's Lick State Historic Site near Arrow Rock. That event is open to the public.