Businesses Say Taking Vouchers Shows They Are Part of Community

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COLUMBIA - The city of Columbia begins sending out trash and recycling bag vouchers this week, and some businesses said on Sunday, taking the vouchers shows they are a part of the community.

"We honor these vouchers because we like to support the community," said Customer Service Representative Aaron Schilb from Westlake Ace Hardware.

Schilb said the support makes the store look better. While customers can purchase the black trash or blue recycling bags at the store, the vouchers mean the customer gets them for free and no profit for Westlake Ace Hardware. Showing that community support is what Schlib said could give the store a better appearance to people.

"Even though it's not for profit, it really stands to benefit us because it shows that we are a community-based business rather than just a corporate whatever," Schilb said.

Westlake Ace Hardware has a section in an aisle for the bags, but they are also available at the register. The store said this week they expect people to come in just to get the free bags.

These are all the locations around Columbia honoring the bag vouchers:

Gerbes Supermarkets
1729 W. Broadway
205 E. Nifong
2900 Paris Road

3100 W. Broadway
25 Conley Road
405 East Nifong Blvd.

Moser's Discount Foods
705 Business Loop 70
4840 Range Line

Patricia's Foods
900 N. Keene

Schnuck's Supermarket
1400 Forum Blvd.

Westlake Ace Hardware
1910 W. Worley
1900 Business Loop 70 E

3340 Vandiver Drive