Bustamante Testing

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lawyers for an accused teen murderer told KOMU 8 Tuesday, they plan to ask a Cole County Presiding Circuit Judge for permission to transport the girl for "testing".

The motion asks to move Alyssa Bustamante, now 17, from Morgan County jail to an undisclosed location for undisclosed tests.

Details about the testing are redacted from the motion, meaning they are not included within the document.

KOMU 8 spoke with Bustamante's defense attorney Tuesday, who said the details are being kept secret for a reason.

As the document explains: "...the names of persons with whom she seeks to consult, and the purposes for which he seeks such assistance would compromise his right to present a defense and to prepare her case."

Bustamante's trial has been continued and rescheduled to begin on September 13. The trial had been set to begin on June 1, but the defense asked for a continuance due to a variety of scheduling circumstances.

Charlie Moreland, an assigned attorney in the case, has had a case in Rolla (State v. Collings) delayed, which the defense claimed encroached on his ability to prepare for the Bustamante trial. Additionally, the defense's only guilt phase investigator took a position in the United States Marshall's office and they don't believe they will fill the position before June 1.

Bustamante has been charged with First Degree Murder in the death of her neighbor, 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten, in Cole County.

A hearing on the motion was initially scheduled for Tuesday, but will now take place next Monday.