Cairo Teens Fight the Cold to Raise Money for Homeless

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MOBERLY- It wasn't an average weekend for teens in Moberly. Instead of going to the movies, spending time with family or relaxing at home, they spent all day Saturday and Saturday night outside with the crisp fall temperatures. 

The group participated in the third annual "Homeless Rally" in Moberly to raise money for the needy in Randolph County. The teens slept in the parking lot with cardboard boxes as shelter as part of the fundraiser Saturday night to truly experience a day in the life of someone in mid-Missouri without a home. They collected cash donations, food, clothes and canned good for the shelters in Randolph County.

"I really think it's important for them to understand that there aren't just homeless in big cities," Zane Whorton said. "There are homeless right here in our community and they need our help."

Wharton is the pastor at The Jacksonville-Cairo Unity Christian Church. Each teen was given three dollars to buy food for the 24 hours outside. They constructed their cardboard shelters throughout the day Saturday, finding innovative ways to keep the cool wind out.

Participants took turns holding up signs at the church intersection to raise money for the cause and raised more than $450 half way through the day.