Callaway Community Hospital Opens New ER & Main Entrances

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FULTON - Callaway Community Hospital unveiled its updates to the emergency department and main entrances on Thursday morning.

The expansions of the main entrance include: adding a covered drive-through, expanding waiting room area for ER patients and outpatients, creating a centralized registration area, new gift shop and public restrooms.

The centralized registration area will provide one check in point for all patients. Hospital CEO Allen AufderHeide said, "The situation before was we had a counter were people registered adjacent to an outpatient waiting area. So people were sitting in the waiting area and also people were communicating with registration over a counter with no divider, with no privacy affect at all. So with our new edition, we are going to have dividers and you will be speaking to a person directly through a glass enclosure."

The hospital has 39 beds and officials said the improvements around the hospital will make it quicker for patients to access care and treatment.

The renovations cost Callaway Community Hospital $350,000 to complete. Hospital CEO Allen AufderHeide is thrilled with the progress. He said the upgrades will "increase the efficiency in the ER, it will make us more secure, it will make us more private for patients, and it will increase the efficiency of the patient's flow."

 In June 2012, Callaway Community Hospital celebrated the opening of a new wing, the geriatric psychiatry wing, called Kingdom Senior Solutions. It is designed for elderly patients whose mental health has suffered as a result of their deteriorating physical health.