Callaway County Circuit Court Completes Filing System Upgrade

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - The Callaway County Circuit Court told KOMU 8 News Thursday that it upgraded its filing system in October. Now, rather than pushing papers, the court can find all its relevant documents in an online storage system.

Court clerk Judy Groner said that such a system will make the court's affairs run much more smoothly and easily.

"When you have to think about how many case files you handle every day...physically picking them up, opening them up, doing whatever we have to do with them, putting them back on the shelf, taking them from the shelf, moving them to the courtroom, moving them back from the courtroom...and now its all done with the click of a button", Groner said.

Groner added that the new system would also cut costs, benefiting taxpayers responsible for funding the old paper system.

"It's beneficial because its more efficient, it has cut down on the office, it has cut down on postage, paper, envelopes, and time...clerk time", Groner said.

The new system is in place to the extent that attorneys are now required to send in all their documents to the court in online format, as paper will no longer be accepted.

Callaway County is the second county in Missouri to adopt this new system, but Groner told us there are plans to integrate the system into all other counties by 2015.