Callaway County Clean Up Efforts Still Underway

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Callaway County received seven or eight inches of snow on Thursday but the clean up crews of Callaway County Public Works continue to clear the roads.

As the snow finished falling, crews remained on the roads around the county until around 3 a.m. Friday. The county has one shift of workers, so it was not able to maintain a 24-hour clean up. But as the crews continued to make their ways through the roads on Friday morning, the main concern was clearing the county roads to homes in the area.

As of Friday afternoon, Callaway County Highway Administrator Paul Winkelmann said, "We're happy with the overall progress. We got more snow than was forecast but we got geared up for it."

Businesses in Callaway County were busy before the storm as citizens prepared to stay in for a day or so. The Phillips 66 gas station off Highway 54 in Fulton was busy early Thursday morning as residents came in to buy salt, milk and other small groceries.

Phillips 66 Assistant Manager Lisa Lee said, "People sold us out of salt and also bought small basic groceries. The convenience is what residents were looking for."

KOMU 8 News reached out to some hotels along Highway 54 to see if they were busy on Thursday night. Overnight sales were up at most locations as people decided to pull off the road and stay the night until roads were clear. Phillips 66 had a few semi trucks pull off and wait for the roads to clear on Thursday night, too.