Callaway County Commission Declares March Spay and Neuter Month

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - The Callaway County Commission declared March "Spay and Neuter" month. Sandy Corbet, president of the Callway County Humane Society owns ten dogs that have been spayed or neutered. 

"Can't have this many dogs without having that going on," Corbet said.

Corbet's humane society wants all pet owners in the county to follow suit.

"We have just a handful of fosters," Corbet said. "We really desperately need more fosters because we're limited in what we can take in."

If the fosters don't have room, the pets go to the Central Missouri Humane Society in Columbia, which is a kill shelter. Last year, the Callaway Humane Society had 54 rescued animals spayed or neutered.In March, there have been incentives for pet owners from local vets.

"We've talked to all of them and they've all agreed to do a percentage discount for the month," Corbet said. "We have a lot of the businesses giving movie tickets and bowling and free meals to those who participate in the spay and neuter [campaign] this month."