Callaway County hog facility proposal changes names

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Neighbors said Thursday the name of the company proposing to build a large hog facility in Callaway County changed.

Three neighbors around the proposed 10,000 hog confinement location received a letter in the mail Wednesday evening informing them Callaway Farrowing, LLC plans to build a confinement housing 7,600 sows and 2,720 swine. Neighbors said it appears to be in the same location where Iowa-based Eichelberger Farms planned to build an identical facility.

Callaway Farrowing, LLC is also based in Iowa, and according to the neighborhood group "Friends of Responsible Agriculture," which opposes the development, the only name listed on the firm's incorporation documents is Michael R. Blaser, an agribusiness attorney in Des Moines, Iowa.

The certified letter sent to neighbors also said manure from the facility will be spread over 1,460 acres in the county, a detail not specified by Eichelberger Farms in the previous proposal. 

Jeff Jones, leader of "Friends of Responsible Agriculture" said, "I would say that it was steps for, a precautionary measure, for a possible lawsuit coming."

Jones said the Eichelberger name has been completely removed from the facility proposal.

Shirley Kidwell, another neighbor who received the letter, said the LLC was formed on June 16th, 6 days after a public forum at Hatton-McCreadie Elementary School to answer public questions about the facility. 

"I think it's merely just a method of hiding who the true owners of the LLC are," Kidwell said.

"Friends of Responsible Agriculture" is working with its attorney, Ann Hagan, to determine what the institution change means for the potential hog facility in Callaway County.