Callaway County man fights back against neighboring CAFO

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - Jeff Jones is living just a quarter of a mile away from a future Controlled Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO.

Jones submitted a health ordnance to the Callaway County Commissioner on March 14. Now, six months later, Jones got his response.

Callaway County Commissioner Gary Jungermann denied the request, citing the ordnance being too specific.

"It was the strictest ordnance in the state of Missouri, which I thought was a little extreme," said Jungermann.

Jones says he worked for months on a citizens health advisory board, after a similar board got disbanded by the commissioner a few months before.

Jones wants compromise instead of just having his proposal shot down.

"There's got to be give and take," Jones said. "If they believe this is too strong or too stringent then we need to work this out."

The CAFO broke ground in June and is already starting to fill the 20 acre plot of land.

Jones is concerned for his and his neighbors' way of life.

"The fears in my mind is that there's going to be tremendous amount of traffic going through here," Jones said. "There's going to be a tremendous amount of animals that's going to be concentrated in a small area, which is going to pollute our air and our water, which is going to be hard to live around."

Jones wants to see a statewide health ordinance, instead of one ordnance for each of the 114 counties.