Callaway County May Create Child Care Policy

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FULTON - The Callaway County Commission held a meeting Wednesday morning to discuss implementing a child care policy for county officials.  The move comes after Callaway County Clerk Denise Hubbard implemented a policy in her office to allow employees to bring infants to work.

Hubbard brings her own infant into the office on a regular basis. She had deadlines to meet at work after her baby was born and felt more comfortable bringing the child with her. She wanted to provide a written policy so others in her office could feel comfortable doing the same thing.   Hubbard doesn't believe that having her baby in the office is a major distraction to her or anyone in her office.  She said she feels it is the same amount of distraction as a personal phone call or a friend dropping by the office to visit.

Presiding County Commissioner Gary Jungermann said the reason for the meeting Wednesday was not to undermind Hubbard's policy.  The commissions main concern is with insurance liability issues.  Callaway County Commissioners contacted their insurance lawyers to look into the issue and are waiting to hear back.  Jungermann said a county wide policy could be instated within a few weeks.