Callaway County Ranch Gives Women a Second Chance

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CALLAWAY COUNTY - For Betty and Richard Curtis, horses are their lives. After raising and caring for them for years, they said it is second nature.

But their ranch near Fulton is not like other horse stables. They take abused or neglected horses in, and nurse them back to health. Richard and Betty Curtis give unwanted horses a second chance at life.

And for good reason. The two are no stranger to second chances. Both survivors of open-heart surgery, the pair said they find comfort in helping animals who can't help themselves.

"The younger ones that need homes need to be loved. That's what I do. I give 'em to someone who will take care of them. It's better than having them starve to death in somebody's field," Curtis said.

But Betty has overcome more than open-heart surgery. After suffering four strokes and surviving an abusive first husband, she now works to comfort other victims of abuse. She said without her new husband Richard, she would be lost.

"My husband Richard treats me like a queen," she said.

Which is why she is now opening up her home to abused women. A trailer sits outside of their home, with the hope that women will seek refuge if they need it. While they only have one trailer now, the two hope to find donated trailers to fix up. They said they will house as many people as they can on their property.