Callaway County Sees Early Payment on Taxes

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FULTON - Callaway County Collector Pam Oestreich told KOMU Thursday county residents have paid 66 percent of personal property taxes and 78 percent of real estate taxes. She said those numbers are just the latest indicators residents have paid more county taxes earlier than in most years.

As of Thursday, Callaway County collected just more than $3.5 million out of an estimated $5.3 million in personal property taxes. The county also collected $14.7 million of an estimated $19 million in real estate taxes.

"Individuals are using money more wisely, partly because they are refinancing at lower rates," said Oestreich "I think it's a sign that the economy is getting off the ground."

Oestreich said Callaway County typically collects 94 to 95 percent of taxes by the midnight Dec. 31 deadline. The last day to pay in person at the collector's office in the Callaway County Courthouse is Friday, Dec. 30. After that, residents can deposit tax payments in the Collector drop box outside the courthouse.