Callaway County to Use iPads for Voting

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FULTON - The Callaway County will be one of the first 12 counties in Missouri to use electronic tablets for voting in the April 2 election, replacing paper ballots. Poll workers can also use the iPads' scanners attached to collect the voter information from county-issued voter ID cards.

"If they don't have the ID with bar code on it, they will present it to the judges as they would have before. They will search them manually at the poll pad, and follow the same procedures," said Denise Hubbard, the Callaway County clerk.

Hubbard said the new iPads will speed up the polling time and bring convenience to both voters and election judges. Hubbard said voters won't need to wait in long lines and judges will save time with no need for flipping through pages for voters' personal information.

"The other advantage is, after the election, it's gonna be a lot quicker to get information process and get people's voting history. Back in November, it took us over a week to process all the votes that people had done, and get them into the MCVR system, which is the Missouri Centralized Voting Registration, " Hubbard said.

Callaway County purchased 15 iPads for the election. The whole system costs $13,370, with funding coming from the Missouri Secretary of State's office.