Callaway County Upgrades Emergency Operations Center

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FULTON - Callaway County has upgraded its Emergency Operations Center. The upgrades allow for better communication between emergency responders in disaster situations.

New television monitors and detailed maps are among the upgrades. These monitors allow responders to see activity and information from the 911-Dispatch Center in real-time.

"Everyone's preparing for the Joplins, the tornadoes, the disasters," said Callaway County Commissioner Gary Jungermann. "Joplin woke us up a little bit."

Most of the changes are behind the scenes and won't be very visible to Callaway County residents. If an emergency happens, Jungermann says he believes the county would be as prepared as possible. He added, "We feel like our citizens not only deserve, but demand, we stay on top of [new technology] and provide the safety we can provide."

"When something big happens we will be able to work with other agencies--it's all computer based," said Tanya Duvall, Callaway Joint Communications Training Coordinator.

Duvall says more technology upgrades are expected in the near future.