Callaway Playground

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FULTON - Nothing would have made Barbara Wilson smile more than watching kids play on the YMCA of Callaway County playground. A playground now named in honor of Wilson.

Barbara's husband Dick can't help but smile too when he sees the facilities.

"She'd say she really would be pleased that they thought enough of her to do this," said Dick.

Barbara Wilson was one of the city's most beloved preschool teachers. She taught for 25 years at Fulton preschool at William Woods and 5 years at the YMCA.

The total cost for the project was $60,000.

"We received a grant for half of the playground equipment. Then, we were blessed to receive a grants for over $20,000," said Patty Miller, YMCA Executive Director. 

Personal donations from the community made up the rest of the funding for the project.

"It is a legacy," said Dick. "She'd be climbing on all of it."