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CAMDENTON, MO -- Many will remember the Camden Christian Academy Crusaders contest against Arkansas' Harrison Academy as one of the best games in Missouri history.

 "After we finished the second over time, I realized what was happening." said head coach Scott Hontz.

On March 3, the teams kept scoring...and scoring...and scoring.

"It didn't matter what defense we were going to throw at them, or they were going to throw at us, we were still going to score." said Hontz.

Six overtimes later, the game ended... 133-130. This historic game lasted two hours and forty-five minutes.

Hontz also said, "The whole time during the game we talked about heart. We talked about character. We talked about this is what makes you. You begin to see boys grow up to be young men."

Camden hit 27 of 53 three point attempts in the games six overtimes. Theo Bushnell and Kyle Robbins had a combined score of 100 points. 

Harrison Academy rival Ethan Chaffin scored 82 points by himself.

Camden considers the game an instant classic....despite the fact they lost.

"When you walk away from a game like that it's almost like you can accept a loss because you know you gave everything. There's nothing left in you and that's what makes it satisfying." said Hontz

Win or lose one thing is for sure, this game will never be forgotten.