Camden County Outreach Program Way Behind on Donations

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CAMDENTON - The Camden County "Christmas is Sharing" program still has more than 115 families needing adoption this holiday season, program organizers said Thursday. 

This program is part of the Child Advocacy Council in Camden County. It primarily serves children, providing food, winter clothes, and gifts to families in need. 

"I know a lot of the kids this year would probably end up not having Christmas if it wasn't for groups and organizations like ours," organizer Monica Long, said. 

Organizers have been busy collecting donations and packing up bags for adopted families.  But, with so many families still waiting for help, Rhonda Wilkening, treasurer of the Child Advocacy Council, said she predicts 400-500 children in Camden County alone will be without gifts this year.

"A lot of people have lost their jobs. Everyone's hit by the economy and they're asking for assistance and we want to be able to help any that we can," Wilkening said. 

To get more information and find out how you can donate money or adopt a family yourself, click here.