Camden County Woman Arrested for Slashing Baby's Throat

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CAMDENTON - Camden County authorities say a 9-month-old baby girl was released from the hospital days after her mother, Bradie Simpson, was charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action. The woman was found in the woods with her baby bleeding from the throat early Saturday morning.

The situation developed months after the woman had told a minister she thought she was possessed and might hurt her baby.

According to a Camden County probable cause statement, Camden County Sheriff's office responded to a call on Saturday saying Simpson and her nine-month-old child were missing.

In the statement, Detective John Stephens said Simpson was found in the woods near her home holding the bleeding baby. A KOMU 8 reporter went to Simpson's house.

Simpson lived in a white with black trim trailer home about 50-yards away from a gravel road. There was another trailer home right next to Simpson's trailer, which authorities said she was renting out. The trailers are set around trees and brush.

The Camden County authorities warned the KOMU 8 reporter that Simpson owned about six pit bulls and advised not to get close to the house. They described the house as falling apart and thought the dogs might be able to escape from a hole in the house if they saw a stranger.

After Simpson was found in the nearby woods, both she and the baby were rushed to the hospital where the baby went right into emergency surgery.

Camden County Sheriff, Dwight Franklin told KOMU 8 that the doctors said the cold weather and the quick response is part of the reason the baby is still alive.

A search of Simpson's room uncovered two spoons and a plastic baggie. In a field test, one of the spoons tested positive for heroin.

You can view the full probable cause statement below:

Simpson Probable Cause