Camdenton City Clerk warns about red light camera scam

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CAMDENTON — Camdenton City Clerk Renee Kingston didn't fall for a traffic violation scam.

Kingston said she received two emails from "Speed Camera Violations" saying she owed money for a traffic violation.

"The first one was around $200. I deleted it not thinking much about it," Kingston said.

The second email said she owed much more, $604.49 to be exact. It was for negligent driving, supposedly caught on a red light camera.

"I told my husband. We kind of joked about it, that I was the city clerk and I was getting these," Kingston said.

As city clerk, she knew the city did not have red light cameras.

Kingston knew it was a scam, but she wants to get the word out.

"There are a lot of elderly people who may not know that the city does not have red light cameras, and they get this and fall for it," Kingston said.

She says the city will never email you a ticket.

"We will stop you then and there and give you that warning. We will not email them to you," Kingston said.

If you receive an email from that sender, the city says to delete it and do not click any links or send any money to pay the "fine."