Camdenton Lakers Replace One Shore with Another

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CAMDENTON - The Camdeonton Lakers have a different head coach with the same last name. Jeff Shore replaced his dad Bob Shore but don't except any erosion on this shore.

There aren't mny constants in life but in Camdenton a Shore on the sidelines is a sure thing.

"They're all trying to get me to change the uniform because they've had the same one since 1975, but we're pretty much status quo," said Jeff Shore.

Same uniforms, same game plan. After 36 years, Bob Shore won 367 games but called it quits this summer.

"I haven't done much," said Bob Shore, "got the yard mowed...that's about it."

At Camdenton to place one shore, you get another but Jeff realizes his dad's number are out of reach.

"If you and I started our coaching career right now and said we wanted to pass Coach Shore we would have to go 36 years undefeated to equal his win total so that puts it in perspective," Jeff Shore said.

Jeff has plenty of perspective, he worked with his dad for 17 years and as a player he won state titles with him in 1986 and 1987.

"I just told him the same thing I say at clinics," said Bob Shore, "do what you believe in, do what you know and the heck with everything else."

Four of Jeff's six assistant coaches are Camdenton alums and together they own nine state title rings as players.

"That's what makes Camdenton football so big," Camdenton linebacker Michael Salts said, "it's traditional."

And if you're a shore, you know how to coach even in retirement.

"I'm recruiting him to coach my 6th grade football team because I'm going to be pretty busy this year," said Jeff Shore. "I'll help him out there but he might be a little over qualified. I think he'll enjoy it just as much as anything."

Bob says he's still a mentor for Jeff and plans to sit at the stadium to watch the games. Afterball, it's named Bob Shore Stadium.