Campaign sabotage: GOP representative caught on camera removing McCaskill tag

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COLUMBIA - With just one day to go before mid-term elections, volunteers are canvassing neighborhoods. A representative from the Republican National Committee wrote KOMU 8 News confirming a GOP staffer was fired Monday after being caught removing a tag from a home for Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill. 

Lyndsy Richardson, a Columbia resident, caught the GOP representative attempting to sabotage the Democratic campaign on her front door security camera. 

The video shows a man wearing a black jacket with "GOP" written across the shoulder. The man then proceeds to remove a piece of Claire McCaskill door mail that had been hung on Richardson's door earlier in the day. He then looks around to make sure no one was watching and replaces McCaskill's door mail with Josh Hawley door mail.

"I was just really irritated," Richardson said. "It's just disrespectful to come to somebody's house and take their mail off their front door and replace it with somebody else's."

While Richardson was initially surprised by the incident, she also said she isn't surprised something like this happened. 

"Since the 2016 election, things have just gotten to a whole new level of low," Richardson said. "It's just really disappointing that things have gotten this bad."

Although no burglary or damages were done to her property, Richardson was glad the incident was caught on her camera. 

"This was just incredible to see," Richardson said. "Especially right now with everything going on, it just shows that people are willing to do anything and everything to win."

KOMU 8 News reached out to the Columbia Police Department to determine the legality of this action, as well as Josh Hawley's campaign. Neither have responded to our request for comment.