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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization hopes to get public input on the transportation needs of low income, elderly and disabled community. 

The transportation planning organization is holding a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss their Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation plan. 

"We are looking at people that have needs in the community that are unmet," Jefferson City City Planner Alex Rotenberry said.

For example, Rotenberry said someone who doesn't have a car may need to get to a doctors appointment. 

"That can be difficult for example if they live in unincorporated Callaway County," he said. 

Rotenberry said the plan helps to identify gaps in transportation and find solutions to those problems. 

He said those in rural areas could use OATS transportation, or, to get to and from the doctors office.

He said the plan could help provide funding for businesses that need things that help disabled, low income, or the elderly populations. 

"Let's say a retirement community wants to buy an ADA accessible van, so what they want to do is apply for a grant to help pay for it , or pay for it entirely," Rotenberry said. "So this plan is necessary and must be in place for them to go ahead an apply for the grant." 

He said the plan must be put in place to meet a federal statute. 

Rotenberry said the last five year coordinated plan resulted in the website MO RIDES, and a mobililty management position, both of which help people get rides. 

He said the mobility manager position had to end about a month ago due to a lack of funding. He said there is a big chance that they will talk about the reemergence of mobility management at the meeting. 

The public meeting will be held on Tuesday from 3 p.m. to 6p.m. at the Jefferson City Muncipal Building in the Boone/Bancroft room. 

Rotenberry said there is an online survey for those who cannot make it to the meeting but want to provide their input.