Campus Clean Up

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COLUMBIA - The morning after massive celebration rallies in MU's Greek Town following the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden, students woke up Monday to face a mess.

Many fraternity and sorority residents were baffled by the amount of trash, empty beer cans, broken bottles, and toilet paper that littered Richmond Avenue between Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma Phi Beta, and the construction site of Delta Sigma Phi.

Micha Lordenz, a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, said her first reaction while walking out the door Monday morning was, "Oh my goodness, what exactly happened last night."

For many, Monday's repercussions were nowhere in mind Sunday evening. However, since the "Greek Town" area is private property it is the responsibility of the residents to clean the sidewalks, streets, and lawns.

Members of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority said the celebration was what they called "crazy" and that people were not thinking about needing to clean up.

In response to the mess, many students came to assist individual house's maintenance clean up the parking lot and road.

Walter Lewis, a maintenance helper for Alpha Delta Pi, said that for him, this mess was a blessing. He didn't mind the clean up, because has been unemployed for the last two years. Lewis estimated the clean-up would take him a few hours to complete because removing wet toilet paper is a challenge. 

For other helpers toilet paper was their last concern, as toilet paper and plastic dolls hung from the electric wires. Other concerns were focused around the numerous amount of parked cars that had been dented or had the mirrors broken off.

Residents were asked to join in a community clean-up on Monday afternoon, however many students who felt the desire to grab a trash bag started their clean-up efforts around nine Monday morning.