Can probiotics help you lose weight?

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COLUMBIA - Probiotics are living, good-for-you bacteria. You see them in yogurts, drinks (like kombucha), and other products. The prefix “pro” means supporting or promoting, while the root word “biotic” means life. So probiotic literally means “something that supports life.”

Another scientific term that relates to probiotics is “microbiome” which is the microbial community found throughout your body. A majority of these microbes are found in your G.I. tract and have been shown to have some powerful effects on general health, potentially affecting your immune system, digestion, etc. What is fascinating is that there is research that shows that your microbiome can actually be influenced and changed by what you eat or drink. And THAT is where probiotics come in. states that probiotics can be used to treat the following conditions/benefits:

* Irritable bowel syndrome

* Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

* Infectious diarrhea (caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites)

* Antibiotic-related diarrhea

* Skin conditions, like eczema

* Urinary and vaginal health

* Preventing allergies and colds

* Oral health


It’s also possible that probiotics can help with weight loss. In a recent study, researchers investigated the impact of consuming probiotics had on body weight and body-mass index in nearly 2,000 healthy adults. The findings suggested that taking probiotics resulted in BMI and body weight reduction of about 1.3 pounds per individual. Additionally, the data demonstrated that these effects were enhanced if participants took multiple types of probiotics, if the probiotics were taken for more than eight weeks or if the participants were overweight.

So, how can you add probiotics into your diet? Here is a list of the top 10 sources:

* Yogurt (make sure the label says live-culture)

* Kefir

* Sauerkraut

* Dark Chocolate

* Microalgae (i.e. spirulina, chlorella, and blue-green algae)

* Miso Soup

* Pickles

* Tempeh

* Kimchi (Asian form of pickled sauerkraut)

* Kombucha Tea