Candidate Won't Serve

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Democratic candidate for state representative for District 59 for Miller and Cole counties said she would not be able to serve if she wins election this November.

Vonietta E. Trickey won the Democratic primary in August, but Trickey told a reporter she has since fallen ill, and would not be able to serve in the house of representatives.

According to the Missouri Constitution, Trickey could still withdraw from the race by filing a court order by September 25th. On September 22nd, military and overseas ballots for the election are sent out, and three days later, absentee ballots become available. If the order were unopposed, Trickey would be off the ballot on the condition she agrees to pay for the reprinting of ballots. Trickey said she is not dropping out of the race.

Should Trickey win and resign, Deomcratic Governor Jay Nixon would call for a special election to fill the vacant seat.