Candidates address local issues to win your vote

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COLUMBIA - A general forum for candidates will address issues in Columbia on Thursday.

The Columbia Chamber of Commerce is hosting discussion for several Missouri House of Representative districts, Boone County Presiding Commissioner and Boone County Clerk. 

President of the Chamber of Commerce Matt McCormick said the main issue focused on in the city is transportation, but that other topics will be discussed as well. He hopes that people understand how large and complex this year's election is.

The Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Proposition D, to increase motor fuel tax over the next several years. McCormick said it is just as important for the Chamber members to understand the ballots, as it is for voters.

"You want to make sure people are making good, educated decisions whenever they are casting their ballot to vote," said McCormick. 

Chuck Basye, running for re-election of State Representative District 47, said he wished more people were involved in politics. 

"A lot of people don't know what is going on during elections," said Basye. "I was one of those people for a long time." 

McCormick said that we need more people to vote, and that candidates need to be able to speak out to the community. 

"We make sure that we get the right people in place and the right propositions taken care of," said McCormick.

Basye said he is still learning more as a State Representative, but that community involvement would make politics go more smoothly.

"It keeps us more accountable...for our state and our country." said Basye.