Candidates for Governor Receive Record High Contributions

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JEFFERSON CITY - October campaign finace reports released Monday show record levels of funding for candidates for governor.

In reports issued to the Missouri Ethics Commission, Democratic candidate Jay Nixon and Republican candidate Dave Spence reported receiving just over 21 million dollars for their campaigns. In 2008, Nixon and his running-mate Republican Kenny Hulshof reported a total of 13.1 million dollars received.

As of October 1st, Nixon spent nearly twice as much on his campaign as Spence. The report shows Nixon has 4.9 million dollars remaining and Spence hanging onto 1.5 million.

These funds are what remains for advertising and campaigning activities in the final weeks before the election.

Channing Ansley, a spokesperson for Nixon's campaign said, "We're confident that we'll have the resources necessary to continue communicating with voters about Gov. Jay Nixon's strong record of bringing Democrats and Republicans together to balance the budget, hold the line on taxes, and bring Missouri's unemployment rate to its lowest point in four years."

Spence's campaign could not be reached for comment on its finances.

Overall, the finance report showed democratic candidates with a financial advantage in every state race, except in the race for lieutenant governor. Candidates for lieutenant governor, Republican Peter Kinder and Democrat Susan Montee, both have close to 270,000 dollars remaining for their campaigns.

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