Candidates push for votes on final weekend before election

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BOONE COUNTY - Candidates for Missouri State House of Representatives seats in mid-Missouri made a final push for votes on Sunday with just two days until Tuesday's election. 

Incumbent Cheri Toalson Reisch, R-Hallsville, of the 44th district and her democratic challenger Dr. Maren Bell Jones were both knocking on doors and meeting constituents on the final weekend. 

"We've been knocking on doors for many, many months, since about April or so," Jones said. "You still get to a door, even just a couple days before, and people say things like, 'I never thought I was going to vote this time, but I really like your message and I'm going to go vote.'" 

"When we get people out, we win. Everybody wins," Jones said. 

"I'm old school, I like face to face contact," Rep. Toalson Reisch said. "I think people appreciate a personal touch and actually seeing the candidate face to face."

Both candidates were also reminding voters to check their polling place for Tuesday on the Boone County website. 

"I had one lady not sure where she went to vote, so I was able to show her on my phone," Rep. Toalson Reisch said. 

Both candidates also had the help of several volunteers in their quest for the seat. One of Jones' volunteers says she gets a lot of pride out of going door-to-door.

"It's motivating because we have the people to do the work. We don't have the money. It's people power that's going to make change," volunteer Laura Wacker said. 

Wacker also believes talking to people leads to more clarity in politics.

"I think the more talking people do, the better understanding people have of what's going on in politics," Wacker said. "You shouldn't be afraid to communicate with other people."

Polling places in Boone County will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday for the midterm and general elections.