Candy Cane Crib's owner talks about his inspiration

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COLUMBIA - For the past six years Ryan Shultz, the creator/owner of the Candy Cane Crib, has shared a well-lit vision. He says his desire to inspire the holiday spirit in those around him stems from his childhood.

"Growing up as a kid our family tradition was to load up as a family, turn on some Christmas music, drive around, and look at Christmas lights," Schultz said. "So it was my plan when I got older and got out on my own to create something that a kid drags their parents out to see. 

Schultz became well known for the dazzling light display at his house, which included full rooftop coverage and completely wrapped trees. He drew bigger crowds every year.

"People kind of know what Candy Cane Crib is, and that it's a fun event around the holidays," Schultz said.  

A couple of years ago, Schultz said, people began to give money to Candy Cane Crib for charities. He said ever since then, he has raised funds for the Boys and Girls Club.

"If people are offering money, why not put it towards a good cause around the holidays?" Schultz said. "My hope is to raise more money for charity."

This year the display was moved to the LogBoat Brewing Co. Schultz said did it for more space. 

"I want to make Candy Cane Crib a community event and continue to make it bigger," Schultz said. "It's sad that it's not at my house, but I couldn't grow it at my house."

Schultz said the move meant a bigger display was possible.

"Last year at my house, I had 60 thousand lights, here I have over 100 thousand lights," he said. "I want to create traditions for families to come see Candy Cribs every single year."

Columbia resident Matthew Quintero said he and his family visit the Candy Cane Crib every year. 

"We figured we bring our girls because our daughters actually love Christmas lights," he said. "It's great to see the children smile for it."

Quintero said his family enjoys the new location just as much as they did the old one.

"LogBoat is a great Columbia tradition, as well as Candy Cane Crib," Qunitero said. "It's always fun to do during the holidays, both joint now. They're perfect. You can't beat it." 

Schultz said he likes LogBoat's central locationl

Hopefully we can get more people out here," he said. 

Santa will be at the Candy Cane Crib on Dec. 22.



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