Capital City Horseshoes Bring Luck and New Life

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JEFFERSON CITY -- The Capital City Horseshoe Club currently has about 50 members, but only one of them practices before the sun rises and believes horseshoe's changed his life.

The horsehoe is known as a symbol of luck. To Jefferson City's Sam Godbouldt it brought more than luck, it meant a new life.

 "People don't know how hard it is to put a two pound, ten ounce around a metal peg from 40 feet. It's a challenge," Godbouldt said. 

Mel Bruemmer, another member of the Capital City Horseshoe Club said, "He has a chance to win his class at the world tournament. A very good chance because he's been practicing so hard."

Practices for Godbouldt start at five in the morning and last for hours with his "trainer" on the camera.

"When I'm around my bear... my bear is kinda like my muse," Godbouldt said, "Kinda like my road dog."

Godbouldt's path to pitching has as many turns as a horseshoe in flight, when he was a teenager he joined the military.

Godbuldt said, "Was a security specialist for the 341st missile support squadron."

But after his service ended he had trouble keeping a job.

Godbouldt said, "I worked about 30 jobs in 30 years. I would catch panic attacks going to the store."

He suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of crowds and crowded places, but says it all changed in 2006 when he lucked into a horseshoe pit.

"During one of the breaks in all of the therapies I went out there with a pair of shoes and
started digging up the hardened sand," Godbouldt said, "and then a couple of guys got together and started pitching."

The more he threw, the more the game hooked him and helped him.

Godbouldt said, "This is the only ration of people. I can deal with people out here on the horseshoe courts. I can even deal with people in a Wal-Mart setting now. I'm in a zone when I'm out here and I keep going until I can do it right."

Godbouldt took third last year in the World Championships. He hopes to improve on that finish this year when he competes in Knoxville, Tennessee from July 30th until August 11th.

If you are interested in joining the Capital City Horseshoe Club you can contact the President Steve Bruemmer at 636-541-3232.