Capitol Prayer

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JEFFERSON CITY - More than a hundred clergy and religious leaders from Missouri politicked and prayed at the capitol Thursday.  Their gospel -- like modern day disciples -- alms for the poor.  They want a bigger minimum wage and smaller interest rates.

The group is called Missouri Faith Voices. Its goal is to create solutions to the problems facing Missouri's diverse communities.

The group wants an increase in the state minimum wage. Minimum wage is currently $7.25, they would like to see it grow by a dollar. Also, they want a cap on pay-day loan interest rates. These interest rates can be as high as 400 percent and they would like it lowered to 36 percent.

The clergy first broke bread over the day's agenda. Then they prayed before politicking with state legislators. Among, the legislators they met with was Democrat Mary Still from Columbia. She is a part of the state's financial institutions committee. 

That committee considers and reports on bills and matters relating to banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Currently, the group are collecting signatures to put their issues on the November 2012 ballots.