Capitol Region Medical Center Primed for Renovation

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JEFFERSON CITY - Capitol Region Medical Center officials said Friday the hospital is going to expand.

The Jefferson City hospital will add a 115 thousand square food expansion to its campus, which will increase the hospital's size by one-third. The renovations are slated to be completed by the spring of 2015 and the hospital's staff estimate the construction will cost about $35 million. The addition to the hospital is supposed to fucus on outpatient care in order to adapt to the changing environment in health care.

"Health care is changing significantly," hospital president Ed Farnsworth said. "The demand for inpatient beds accross the country and in Missouri is down."

Farnsworth also said it is cheaper and more effective to combat illness before it occurs. Although the hospital announced the expansion Friday, the staff said it has been working on these plans for a long time.

"We've been planning this for three years," hospital spokeswoman Amy Berendzen said. "It's so nice to finally be able to talk about it."

Martin Grabanski, the hospital's director of facilities, said the extra building will make the hospital easier to access and make it more aesthetically pleasing.