Captain Back Home

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COLUMBIA -  A Columbia family welcomed its dog back home after it was stolen on Bear Bluff Drive. 

Jonathan Graham said his 11 year-old son was giving the dog a bath in the garage when a man approached them.

"The guy came up and he came up like he was going to pet him and took him out of my son's arms and took off," he said. 

Graham said his son went after the thief, then went into the home to tell his parents. 

Graham's immediate reaction was to post to social media and call the police. 

Officers talked to the family, but their report has not yet been filed.

Within 24 hours after the family posted on Facebook, Captain was found. 

According to a Facebook post, the dog was brought home by a woman who found him a couple of blocks away.

Graham said he is very happy to have the dog back, but is still upset.

"I'm still looking for the guy. I'm glad the dog is back and the main thing is my son is okay. But, the cops still want the guy," he said. 

Graham said the incident sends a clear message.

"If your kids are outside, watch them, with your animals or whatever. This is pretty bold to take it from a child from a garage," he said.