Car crashes into the side of a Columbia home

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COLUMBIA - A car ran into the side of a home off of Rainbow Trout Circle, Monday. The driver and the people in the home were all unharmed. 

A contractor that was working on a house nearby witnessed the whole thing. He said it looked like the driver was lost. The car was going very slowly but swerving around. He said then, he saw the car veer off, take out a mailbox and crash into the side of the house. The car began smoking and he called authorities immediately.

Both the Police and Fire Departments were on the scene.

The driver of the car, Maria Regalado was pulled out of her car by a neighbor who lives nearby. Regalado refused medical attention saying she was fine.

"The last thing I remember was being across the street at a stop sign. When I came to, I saw smoke and liquid in the car. I immediately turned it off, but had no clue how I had gotten there," Regalado said. 

Regalado said she has a medical condition which causes her to black-out and have convulsions. She is prescribed medicine for it which she said she took today. She does not have a driver's license. 

"I usually don't drive because of my condition, but I needed to take my four month old daughter to daycare today," Regalado said.

Regalado's friend, Silvino Garay said he's seen Regalado have her black-outs. 

"She'll completely forget everything and have no recollection of anything at all," Garay said.

Regalado said she was most relieved to know she did not hurt anyone.

"I see they have little children in that home, I have a four month old daughter myself and if I would have hurt anyone I don't know what I would have done," Regalado says.

A tow truck and firemen worked to get the car out from underneath the porch. After about fifteen minutes they successfully removed it.