Car Tech Aims to Keep Drivers\' Hands on the Wheel

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JEFFERSON CITY - Car companies try to make vehicles safer with handless systems, but Missouri State Highway Police representative Sergeant Paul Reinsch described some past facts about driving safety.

"Well driving is a multitasking function and we have seen no studies that indicate that a handless system inside a car is actually safer. So, we just want every individual to concentrate on their job of driving and just try to stay away from their phone or anything that could distract from their ability to concentrate on the road ahead."

What are car companies doing to try and prevent further accidents on the road?
Ford motor company, along with many others, is one that has the handless option when purchasing a car.

Ford salesman with Capitol City Ford in Jefferson City, Tom Steggeman, says that about 90% of the cars on their lot offer the "SYNC" system.

"On texting and driving it will read basic texts to you and if you receive a text and want to reply it will give you several basic options like for example ‘I am driving now but I will call you later.'"

Though Sgt. Reinsch is not fully convinced by the new technologies he does agree that distracted driving is equally as bad as intoxicated driving.

"It is true that any time you get behind someone that is texting while they're driving it looks very similar to someone that is driving while they are impaired. They drift over into the other lanes, they drift back and forth off the roadway, their speeds are never consistent, and so a lot of it's the same actions as someone who is driving while impaired."

Texting while driving is more dangerous and deadly than drinking while driving according to recent studies. Majority of the population has admitted to having used a cellular device in one means or another, whether that is a text massage, phone calls, map quest apps, etc. This being said there are more facts to consider. Your eyes are off the road for a minimum of five seconds. Also, when driving while being distracted by a cell phone you are 26 times more likely to get into a car accident. Other activities that increase your risk of a crash are dialing (2.8 time a greater risk), reaching for the device (1.4 times a greater risk), and talking or listening on the phone (1.3 times greater risk).